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Whether it’s a beautiful piece of fabric or an annoying colleague’s mouth, most of us have wanted to stitch something at some point. The owners of Stitch Studio took things a little more seriously than us, though, and started what is now a professional fashion studio with an emphasis on education and research.

Tell us more about Stitch...
It was founded a year ago and, professionally, we offer pattern-making and sampling services to local designers. Our focus is on ready-to-wear items. We have a rigorous selection process and have close relationships with the designers we work with. Educationally, we offer beginner, intermediate and advance sewing classes to the public. We use original patterns and designs generated in-house for all of our sewing classes. We carefully develop everyday clothing that we believe people will enjoy sewing and be proud to wear. All our products are made right here in the studio.

What makes you unique?
Our diverse and strong team. We all have fashion design degrees from accredited institutions and plenty of fashion industry experience between us. Most importantly, we all share a strong commitment to this field and, more specifically, the fashion industry in Qatar.

What inspired you to start this studio?
It became more of a necessity. We have an international art school in Qatar that offers Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in fashion design, but no industry to employ its graduates. Since opening the studio, the Stitch team has employed two graduates from Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar. The studio’s primary aim is to put the “Made In Qatar” label on high-quality fashion-forward products and make a name for the industry here.

What kind of everyday items do you make?
We make ready-to-wear pieces. The main characteristics we embrace are modernity, versatility and comfort. We endeavour to make unique pieces that people will not find in stores.

So, in a way, you’re encouraging a type of DIY/DIWO culture?
Our sewing and pattern-making classes are our way of promoting the DIY and DIWO culture. We welcome people to come and experience making a garment themselves, and we welcome makers dropping in and asking questions about their personal projects.

What next?
Moving forward, we will launch an in-house women’s resort-wear brand, a collaborative men’s bow tie brand, and a sewing supplies shop. The fabrics sold in the shop will be available in large quantities to facilitate local production by budding designers.

How can people register?
All of our classes are advertised on our Instagram and Facebook accounts (@stitch_studio). This month we have an introduction to sewing where participants make a top, followed by intermediate classes where they can choose to make a skirt, a dress or a coat. Interested people can also email us and let us know what they want to learn and their preferred timings.
QR1,500 (Coat round 1, round 2). December 3, 5, 7, 9am-1.30pm (round 1), December 9, 16, 10am-5pm (round 2). QR900 (Introduction to fashion). December 2, 10am-5pm. Katara Art Centre, Katara Cultural Village, contactus@thisisstitch.com.

By Shereen D’Souza
Time Out Doha,

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