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It’s finally happened. We actually never have to get out of our cars again Discuss this article

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We’ve already mastered the art of honking from inside our cars at grocery stores, tea shops and restaurants (we’re not pleading guilty here). In fact, if it was up to us, we’d literally live out of our cars. Just a few weeks ago, we remember thinking aloud, “If only we could just watch movies from the car. Why don’t they have a drive-in cinema in Doha?”

They have a drive-in cinema in Doha. Drive-in Doha is a brand new concept, launched just last month. They claim to be able to transform the way you spend your evenings with friends and family, and we think this might be the best thing that’s happened for a while around here.

It’s not just movies you’ll get to see. The Drive-in Doha venue is at the heart of the new driving school park in Aspire and this one-of-a-kind, multi-purpose arena is going to offer a host of exciting events from drive-in movie nights and live sports screens to live concerts and, our favourite, food trucks. This can only mean watching our favourite teams on large screens while munching on food-truck goodness.

We caught up with the team to see what more they could tell us.

What made you think about bringing this concept to Doha?
We can definitely say the community is absolutely ready for this type of unique experience. At the end of the day, it is all about being a part of a community. It is about creating favourite spaces and hubs where everyone can meet, socialise and have a fun time.

How will this benefit the community?
We strongly believe that groups of friends, entire families, couples and everybody else will find their fit in this venue. We will focus on themes like ladies’ nights, drama or a sports event where football fans can enjoy the game of their favourite team. Live music and special entertainment activities, like the Italian-Russian Car Stunt Show, will come to Doha at the end of November. We guarantee there will be many exciting events that will entertain the whole community.

What kind of movies will play?
We have a license to project movies that are not available in cinemas. So, we will show movies that are at least three months old. But our effort is to create stories, to follow themes, to focus on specific actors and actresses.

We will ask people what they want to see during the year. Social media contests will be held and we will ask visitors coming to Drive-in Doha what kind of sports, movies and music they enjoy and what type of experiences they are looking for. Mindful of the local rules and regulations, we are going to search, discover and offer all the best that is available out there.

Prices will vary depending on whether it’s a weekday or weekend and what the event is. Movies and popular sporting events will be priced higher. There are two different kinds of tickets: per car and per person.
QR150 (per car for movies), QR200 (per car for each live football match), QR300 (for concerts). Open daily 5pm-12am. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @DriveinDoha.

By Shereen D’Souza
Time Out Doha,

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