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Acquiring a new skill is always a challenge around here. Not because we are lazy (for a change), but because there aren’t many groups out there to find. But we’ve done the scouting around and found something that’s sure to excite all you arts and crafts fans – Hobby House Qatar.

Rochelle Zonnenberg, an e-commerce specialist, spent years trying to join groups before taking the bull by the horns and setting something up herself.

“I’ve been here in Doha for 11 years and still continue to search for places where I can learn a hobby or just meet new people as a form of relaxation,” she says. “I was really fed up of waiting around and realised I had to do something myself. So I started Hobby House Qatar as a fun initiative.”

The idea behind Hobby House Qatar is nothing more grand than trying to create a space where a bunch of like-minded people can come together. The events are hosted by Zonnenberg, who brings in an expert to show everyone a skill of common interest. It could be painting, sewing, or even learning a musical instrument – absolutely anything goes as long as people want to learn.

The venues change regularly, too. It could be Zonnenberg’s house itself, where the group sit in a beautiful front yard, or in coffee shops, or maybe even a hotel, depending on what the class is about.

The concept allows people to learn absolutely any skill. Teaching a small group of people also makes sure every member is paid close personal attention, resulting in a better understanding of each skill and being able to learn it more quickly.

Zonnenberg adds: “We initially thought of hosting just one class a month as something fun to do. But the demand is greater now and we currently have three to four classes scheduled every month.”

When we pop along to see what it’s all about we find how popular the classes are. On this occasion there is a bunch of ladies in Zonnenberg’s yard engrossed in a crotchet class. “We are doing a free class soon on gardening,” she says. “You can learn how to grow plants indoors, how to take care of them, and a couple of other things to get you started.”

Fees vary based on the class but most range between QR30-50 per session, which includes materials. Some sessions are free, too. Times and locations also vary depending on who’s taking part and what the subject matter is. What doesn’t change is Zonnenberg’s passion for the cause.
For more details visit www.questandmark.com/tag/hobby-house-qatar.

By Shereen D’Souza
Time Out Doha,

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