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Murphy and Murray seek a full0time home away from Cats in Qatar Discuss this article

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Murphy and Murray are two absolutely adorable brothers abandoned by previous owners. They’re very sweet and great with kids, as well as being quite smart: they’ve been known to open latched doors. However, Gill Shurey, one of the Cats in Qatar organizers who has spent time with the pair, says their previous owners had them declawed so they could not scratch. ‘It is considered inhumane and unnecessary and is illegal in many Western and European countries and now even in parts of the U.S. I so wish the previous owners were smart enough to Google all about it before proceeding. Such a barbaric act to declaw a cat!’ she says. Because they can’t defend themselves, they will need to be kept indoors at all times. Since they have the ability to open latched doors, all doors would need to be locked or they risk getting out.This makes them a perfect match for someone living in a smaller space: apartment living would be most suitable. They would prefer to be rehomed together.
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