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With America’s Independence Day taking place on July 4, we catch up with expats from the States living in Doha and ask how they plan to celebrate Discuss this article

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Jeffrey Tucker

‘I’ve been in Doha for four years. I had a friend that had worked in Qatar, and he’d had a really good experience here. My family and I were also looking for a bit of adventure, so we thought we would try it out. So far it has been a great experience. I work in the oil and gas business, so this is a good place to be.

‘I am from a small town in Indiana, which is in the Midwest. Back home, I am used to four very distinct seasons and the winters are very cold. Doha is certainly much more interesting, although I miss the greenery and cooler weather from time to time. I remember when I first arrived – it was July, and I was overwhelmed by the oppressive summer heat. I think I have adjusted to it now, though.

‘What else do I miss? Well, family of course, but we have met other Americans living in Doha. There are many here that my wife and I have both met through work and the children. My experience has been that Americans don’t congregate like some of the other nationalities I have seen, however. There isn’t any place I have been to where I have come across a lot of Americans – we are pretty spread out.

‘We try to celebrate the big US holidays over here, and the children learn about these at school through the activities they do. This makes us feel a little closer to home. Most supermarkets offer food you can get in the US, but Megamart does a pretty good job of stocking those essential comfort foods. And I like to go for a shisha now and again – that’s something we don’t have in the States.

‘The traffic can be a problem here, but it is improving. Sometimes I wish I could read and speak Arabic – it would make things a little easier. In my spare time I like running – I don’t play an organised sport, but I run marathons and am training for a triathlon with some other folks. Work and driving the kids to soccer and swimming takes up the rest of my time.

‘We’ll probably stay another two or three years. The kids are happy in school, it is very safe and we still find it interesting. I’ve only been back to the US twice since we’ve been here. When it’s Independence Day, that’s when I miss a good American barbecue. How can you go wrong with hotdogs and hamburgers? We’ll be eating those on July 4 this year.’

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