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June 12 sees the Philippines celebrating its Independence Day. We asked Filipinos living in Doha how they will mark the occasion Discuss this article

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Angeline Penry

‘I’ve been in Doha for almost two years; we came when Bob (my husband) was offered a role as a teacher at the American School. I’m a stay-at-home mum with two kids now, but when I was in the Philippines I worked in the travel industry. ‘I grew up in Angeles City and moved to Manila when I was 16. Angeles City is similar to Doha in that it has a fusion of many different influences from different national-ities, and yet has preserved its own culture. Doha is like a home away from home for me, as there are lots of Filipinos here. I can experience living in a foreign country and at the same time speak my own language wherever
I go, as Kabayans are everywhere! One thing I don’t like about living in Doha is the traffic and the aggressive driving that you see on the roads.

‘I have met a lot of Filipinos through Doha Mums, that group is my social lifeline. I do miss the tropical weather, neighbourhood vendors calling out from their bikes selling whatever, white sand beaches and most of all my mum and dad. I also miss street food – there are lots of Filipino restaurants here in Qatar, but I haven’t found one that makes kare-kare as good as back in my hometown. ‘I go home every year; Christmas isn’t Christmas if I don’t celebrate it in the Philippines. If I was back home for Independence Day I would take my family to Nayong Pilipino, a theme park in Angeles City, where there is music and street dancing.’

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