Saving strays this summer

Shereen D’Souza speaks to experts on how to help homeless animals

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Hired help

Finding the right nanny can be a challenge. Dina Maaty has some advice.

Curating creativity

Shereen D’Souza discovers her true artistic potential

Trash talk

Shereen D’Souza catches up with DEAP to find out more about the organisation’s anti-littering campaign

A Stitch in time…

…saves all those with a passion for DIY fashion in Doha

Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Doha

Here’s how you can participate (and pamper yourself) during Breast Cancer Awareness Month

How to travel with children

Surviving summer holidays when taking trips with the kids

Pet corner

Adopt one and change your life

Super season

Five summer camps that will show your children a super month

Drawing inspiration from Islam

Calligraphy at the Doha’s Museum of Islamic Art

Food for thought

In the true spirit of the month, here’s a worthy initiative that salvages leftover food




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