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Get a beautiful smile in Doha

The best ways to maintain a healthy set of teeth

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16 diet-friendly treats

Guilt-free snacks that are delicious and good for you

Fruit Enzyme Facial in Doha

We try new facial at Saray Spa, the Renaissance Doha City Centre

Swarovski crystal nail procedure in Doha

We head to Glow American Salon for the sparkliest pedicure we’ve ever seen

What to eat when training for a run

Marathon meals for training, pre-event and the big day

18 ‘health foods’ high in calories

The truth behind some of the biggest nutrition myths

Arabic coffee awakener envelopment

We try treatment at Saray Spa, the Renaissance Doha City Centre

Vitamin supplements in Doha

The pros and cons of topping up your vitamin intake

5 to try: Doha spa treatments

Exfoliate, rejuvenate, be massaged and more ways to relax

11 gyms to try in Doha

Fitness centres to get you moving

6 secret health risks

The sneaky saboteurs ruining your healthy habits

Best gyms in Doha

We round up the best places to start your fitness regime in Qatar

eforea spa in Doha

We try a signature treatment at one of Doha's newest spas

Feather hair extensions in Doha

We try the latest fashion craze ar the American Salon in Doha

Sun protection in Doha

Silkor’s Samar Maatouk on how to banish that lobster look

Essential summer beauty products

Don't let summer heat and humidity get the better of you

Nasal allergies in Qatar

Always sneezing? You might be one of the growing number of people with a nasal allergy

10 steps to a healthier life

Eat, sleep, detox and exercise your way to a healthier body

Great Doha spa offers

Detox, hydrate and get massaged with warm carrots in Doha

Battling the secret saboteurs

Taking the professional route to a brand new you

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