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5 to try: Exercises at work

Leg raises, squats, stair walks and more ways to stay fit

Beauty Box in Doha

Clean off the daily grime with a cleansing facial at Beauty Box

Evergreen Organics in Doha

Ghanim Al Sulaiti on why he is opening a vegan cafe in Doha

The Barber Shop in Doha tested

Tom Stephenson gets a masculine manicure and feels perfectly pampered

Tips for achieving mindfulness

Time Out enlists the help of health experts in Dubai to bring you tips for achieving mindfulness, such as meditation, walking and dreaming

Jeff Bridges sleeping tapes

Time Out reviews the Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes, a new concept by The Dude. Find out if works and other ways to help you sleep

Thai and Swedish fusion massage in Doha

Sofia Vyas gets a seriously satisfying Thai and Swedish fusion massage

Vitamin C superfoods

Kale, Kiwi, sprouts and more food with more vitamin C than an orange

Spa treatments for men in Doha

Gents, it’s time to check out of the daily grind and into a spa

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