5 to try: Exercises at work

Leg raises, squats, stair walks and more ways to stay fit Discuss this article

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1. Raise your legs
Want legs for summer? Do this move: while seated, lift your legs off the ground one by one. Repeat 15 times.

2. Squat against a wall
Everytime you get up from your desk to go and make tea or have an aimless wander, find a wall and squat against it for 15 seconds.

3. Take the stairs

Between bouts of being desk bound, raise your heart rate by running the stairs. To really feel the burn in your legs, take them two at a time.

4. Raise your hands

You may not get Lupita Nyong’o-esque arms with this one, but it’ll get them moving at least. Raise both arms and do a punch-the-ceiling move 15 times. Stop. Repeat.

5. Side twist
So busy you can’t even leave your desk? This move is for you. Laterally move side to side for 15 reps. Stop and do it again. This will increase spine mobility and potentially give you abs. Maybe…

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