Tips for achieving mindfulness

Time Out enlists the help of health experts in Dubai to bring you tips for achieving mindfulness, such as meditation, walking and dreaming Discuss this article

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1 Focus on one task
While multitasking might be all over your CV, it’s not appropriate for achieving your inner peace. Aim to efficiently perform one task at a time.

2 Go for a walk
There are a few green spaces dotted around the city. Pick one and go for a wander.

3 Say om
Research has shown that practising daily meditation can boost well-being and improve cognitive function. If you’re not quite ready for a group meditation class, just sit still and focus on your breathing for 20 minutes on a daily basis. You’ll start to notice a difference.

4 Let yourself daydream
Letting your mind wander might sound counter-intuitive, but finding that happy medium between the present moment and mind-wandering thoughts is the ultimate goal.

5 Accept every emotion
Don’t try to resist or control your feelings. If you’re feeling sad, happy, tired or anxious, embrace these emotions and let them co-exist with each other.

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