Five steps to banish dandruff

Shampoo, diet, showering and more dandruff-busting tips Discuss this article

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1 Switch shampoo
It could be that your current brand is not suited to your skin and hair type.

2 Wash daily
A build-up of natural oils on the scalp can cause flaking. Washing your hair daily can keep grease to a minimum.

3 Rotate products
If you’ve been using anti-dandruff shampoo, you may find you build up a resistance to the ingredients. A good rule is to rotate between three different versions of these shampoos.

4 Shower more in hotter months
Skin flakes more when sweat isn’t washed away, so when Doha heats up, take a shower more often.

5 Look at your diet
Eating a diet rich in leafy greens and oily fish can do wonders for the skin – and that includes the scalp. You could also try taking an omega-3 supplement.

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