How to remove puffiness from eyes

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1 Get Happy
Crying yourself to sleep every night? No job/friend/Ferrari fixer-upper is worth it, especially for bags that size. Get rid with these useful tips for fresh-looking eyes.

2 Raid the vegetable aisles
Cucumber is a blessing. Keep one in the fridge, slice off rounds and stick them over your (closed) eyes for half an hour for a quick fix when your eyes are in need of some rejuvenation.

3 Take an antihistamine
That puffiness could be the clue you’ve got an allergy to dustmites or pets – try taking an antihistamine tablet a day. If the swelling goes down, you’re onto something.

4 Water up
Drink water. Lots of it. The better hydrated you are, the less likely your body is to retain water in weird places.

5 Get enough sleep
It’s obvious enough. But take a look at your actual patterns. Only get five or six hours a night? Aim for seven to eight.

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