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Dawn Gibson finds out how yoga can help you sleep better, lose weight and boost your overall health.

Getting a good night’s sleep is a challenge for many of us. Whether it’s because of too many caffè lattes or a brain that refuses to shut down, insomnia can play havoc with your productivity and sense of well-being.

If you’re a sufferer, it may be worth giving yoga a try, according to Dr. Lad Dnyanoba Bhagwan, an in-house instructor from Six Senses Spa at Doha’s Sharq Village & Spa hotel, who will be hosting a workshop on yoga and insomnia this February 7.

Lad, a specialist in homeopathic medical science, who has been practising yoga since he was a 10-year-old in India, believes a combination of yoga postures and techniques could help banish sleepless nights.

How can yoga improve sleep?
Lad strongly believes yoga tackles insomnia on several levels.

‘Yoga postures (asanas), release muscular tension and reduce the production of stress hormones, helping to relax the brain.

‘Breathing techniques (pranayamas), help to cleanse the air passages and sinuses, so breath can flow more easily, while hatha yoga uses cleansing methods and clears mucus from the system.

‘Meditation is another powerful tool, improving sleep quality and boosting the production of anti-ageing hormones. Yoga nidra, a special sleep meditation, could make you feel as rested as if you had been asleep for hours within as little as 30 minutes,’ Lad claims.

‘There are many different postures, breathing techniques, hatha yoga cleansing techniques and meditation practices to help people who suffer from insomnia.’

‘To obtain the best results, I will personalise a yoga program most suitable to the guest’s situation and needs.’

What will the workshop involve?
Lad’s workshop on February 7 will be both a theoretical and practical guide to improving your sleep through yoga.

He will give a one hour presentation, followed by a 90 minute class, which will include postures, breathing techniques and an explanation of yoga cleansing.

‘Here in Doha, I am teaching yoga not only as an exercise regime to increase endurance and flexibility but also as a holistic approach,’ he explained, adding that he learned the theory and application at India’s internationally renowned Bihar School of Yoga.

‘Physical and mental therapy is one of yoga’s most important achievements. What makes it so powerful and effective is the fact that it works on the holistic principles of harmony and unification of the body and mind.

‘The mind and body are not separate entities, although there is a tendency to think and act as though they are.’

Yoga for health and weight loss
While most people know yoga is good for relaxation and flexibility, other health benefits are not as well known.

Lad believes yoga could help people with a range of common illnesses and conditions, from high blood pressure to arthritis, diabetes and digestive disorders.

‘According to medical scientists, yoga therapy is successful because of the balance created in the nervous and endocrine systems, which directly influences all the other systems and organs of the body.’

And while it is not the main purpose, yoga can also reduce your belt size.

‘Weight will reduce slowly with the regular practices of the correct postures, breathing techniques, and cleansing (detox) techniques,’ Lad said.

Yoga encourages devotees to adopt healthier habits, such as eating earlier in the day.

‘In yoga, breakfast in the morning, lunch before noon and dinner before sunset is the key for complete health,’ he said, adding the standard advice that those hoping for weight loss should also look at their overall eating habits and lifestyle.

Attend the Workshop

Lad’s workshop on yoga and insomnia will be held from 3pm-5.30pm on February 7 at Six Senses Spa, Sharq Village & Spa. The cost is QR30 for members and QR60 for non-members.
Six Senses Spa, Ritz Carlton Sharq Village, Ras Abu Abboud (4425 6999),

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