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‘Keep in mind that the heat and A/C dehydrate the skin, and the skin will produce more oil to create a barrier protection. Apply a light serum to avoid your skin drying during the day: the Super Aqua Milky serum [from Guerlain] is light and can replace your day cream.

‘We recommend our clients do a monthly facial to deep clean all the impurities, especially when the heat and humidity keeps our pores open and impurities build up to create a spot or blackhead later on.’
Florana Nget, spa manager of Guerlain Alfardan Spa

‘Water, water, water...

‘Exfoliate as putting expensive moisturiser over a build-up of dead skin equals ageing skin.

‘Within ten minutes of cleansing and exfoliating, apply your moisturiser or hydrating mask as the pores are open and ready to absorb.

‘Use “Youth as we know it moisturiser”, “Youth as we know it milk cleanser” and “Peeling Groovy” – the ultimate skin peel in a bottle for brighter, pigment free and smoother skin – all available from Bliss Spa.’
Michelle Kelleher, spa director of W Doha’s Bliss Spa

‘Get an intensive exfoliating treatment like microdermabrasion to shed off dead skin cells and reveal younger and healthier looking skin.

‘Treat your skin to a facial that allows skin to stay hydrated and glowing. A good one is luminous C and sea facial that uses vitamin C and freeze dried seaweed.

‘Use a good moisturiser daily that can hydrate skin both day and night, like the Pevonia skin care range, and most importantly drink plenty of water.’
Tina Zuccarini, director of spa and recreation at Doha Marriott

‘Drink a lot of water – a minimum of eight cups per day.

‘Avoid staying under the sun for a long period of time and use sun block for face and body.

‘Apply hydrating cream to your skin two times per day. It is also necessary to do the skin hydrating body and face treatment once a week.’
Rabih Lala, spa and recreation manager at La Cigale’s Ozone gym and spa

‘Want your shower to be more spa-like? Mix your favourite essential oil in a spray bottle with some water, give it a shake and spray on your shower walls.

‘The heat from your shower will kick the oils into action but take care not to spray on the shower floor to avoid slipping.

‘The Rasayana Concentrate by Subtle Energies contains Indian lime and provides a refreshing aroma.

‘Apply cream or cleanser during the summer days by lightly pressing upward, never down. The delicate skin sags easily enough in time due to the heat.

‘Try the Uplifting Body Moisturiser by Six Senses that contains almond butter, apricot oil and rosemary essential oils.
Noree Thippawan, senior spa therapist at Six Senses Spa

‘Eat [foods] with high water content like celery, cucumber and watermelon. Eat the right amount of essential fatty acids like fresh fish that produce helpful oil.

‘Exfoliating is an excellent way to take care of dehydrated skin. Only use gentle exfoliates, as harsh ones can damage the skin and cause some pain. Exfoliate once or twice each week only.

‘After taking a bath, make sure you apply body cream or lotion all over your body and make sure the product you’re using has less alcohol content.

‘Swimming and sunbathing can dry out the skin so use sunblock. Reapply moisturiser after swimming unless it is waterproof.’
Marius Parvu, executive at Saray Spa in Renaissance Doha City Center Hotel

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