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Do you really want to get that perfect body but don’t have time to go to the gym? The Laura Kate workout has arrived in the UAE and is ready to help women sculpt, tone and reshape their feminine form from home.

The cooler weather may be on the horizon, but if it’s still too hot for you to work out outside, we’ve uncovered an excellent way to stay in shape from the comfort of your living room. With many people working long and late hours in Abu Dhabi, plus the obvious heat and expensive gym fees, sometimes it’s good to try and get into a routine at home. All you need to do is get motivated.

Founder of Laura Kate Australia and brainchild behind this style of training is Laura Kate herself, an Australian expat based in the UAE. Filmed against the rugged landscapes of Australia, this routine boasts a unique style of training that blends body resistance, yoga, fit ball, balance and aerobic-paced moves, and is specially designed to burn calories, sculpt and rejuvenate from within. The workouts are available to be downloaded or streamed anytime, anywhere.

Having lived in the UAE for three years and operating her business in the online commerce sphere, Laura recognised the hot season as the perfect time to release the Laura Kate programme to the UAE market.

‘With the heat of summer being a key de-motivator for keeping fit, women in the region can now tone, sculpt and define, all in the comfort of their own home. It’s ideal for those looking for maximum results in the minimum time; a variety of alternative options have been offered for those who do not have access to a fit ball or who have limited space,’ Laura says.

The workout is the perfect combination of cardio, strength and flexibility. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, this ‘incredible fat meltdown’ regimen is suited to all.

‘One of our key markets in Australia includes professional women who have a vested interest in their health, wellness and overall appearance, but may travel a lot or are very time poor. As a result, the Laura Kate workout provides a perfect solution to those who may not have hours on end to spend in the gym.’

The workout –tried and tested
Not one to shy away from exercise, we trialled the programme for a week to see how it all works and how it can help us.

We downloaded the 20-minute workout onto a USB and then plugged it into our flat screen in our lounge so that we could see it better and have a bit more room.

The video starts with Laura talking as she introduces herself and explains a bit about the concept. ‘This is my way to play. This is what makes my body tingle with joy, smile with laughter. No chores, no guilty feelings, just natural movement, natural surroundings – encompassing all practices by blending a fusion of body resistance, dynamic movement, yoga, fit ball and balance.’

The Laura Kate style of training is all about continuity of movement, angles and using your own body resistance, and she gives you alternate exercises if you don’t have a fit ball.

The workout involves exercises like the fit ball push-up, plank, single leg hold, warrior and plank with an alternate leg to chest. You can click on the stills on the website for a detailed instruction on each exercise before, if you need to. It also combines yoga-type moves and Laura demonstrates the movement for you to copy.

The workout is fun and enjoyable, and for us, it was a great way to stretch after sitting at our desk all day. After a week, our balance and flexibility has improved and we realise we are checking our posture more which is great. So all in all, it’s an effective routine that’s only either 20 minutes or 40 minutes long from the comfort of your own home. In our opinion, you have no excuses.
A one-off purchase through PayPal gives users access to a 20-minute beginners’ routine, as well as a 40-minute routine for those who are more advanced.

By Angela Beitz
Time Out Doha,

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