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The Doha Bulge. It lurks, that ignoble 10kg that seem to attack us the minute we get off the plane. And it’s not just a vicious rumour: an analysis of United Nations and World Health Organization data published in the journal BMC Public Health ranks Qatar as the third fattest country in the world, beaten only by the USA and Kuwait. To put it into perspective, you only need 13 adults in Qatar to tip the scales at one ton. In a country where soaring temperatures keep us indoors, most social activities revolve around food (why hello brunch), and McDonalds delivers. So it’s hard to stay healthy and active. But it takes more than just finding a treadmill to get in shape.

Gyms are more than just their dumbbells, so we asked the people who really make each gym what they are some impertinent questions, to help you find the best fit.

Anytime Fitness Gym

Name: Patrick Salloum, fitness manager, physical therapist and personal trainer

Fitness philosophy: Take care of your body; it’s the only place you have to live. Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness.

How did you get involved in the gym industry?
Having a physical therapy background and experience in sports injuries rehabilitation and practicing multiple kinds of sports, the fitness field was always my main point of attraction.

What’s your own biggest fitness struggle or challenge?
My biggest challenge is to make sure that a good fitness culture, knowledge and practice can reach the biggest number of people no matter their age, their occupation or their level of education.

How do you stay motivated?
On a personal level I stay motivated by practicing new kinds of sports. On a professional level, the results I see with my clients improving their health, their positive feedback and the good impact on their lives are enough to keep me going.

What’s your best tip or trick for beating the ‘Doha Bulge’?
The best strategy to overcome the ‘Doha Bulge’ or any other, is to join any health and fitness club and be committed. Working out sucks: but wasting time sucks more. In an era with 24/7 fitness clubs that even have TVs on their machines, is time really an excuse anymore? And again, working out sucks. . . but using a lack of money as an excuse for staying lethargic, out of shape and depressed sucks more. You’re worth more than a piece of paper with some pictures on it. Don’t rob yourself of the ability to look better, feel better, play with your kids and not be out of the breath when you take the stairs. Those quotes are from the book Working Out Sucks by Chuck Runyon, Co-founder and Co-owner of Anytime Fitness.

What’s the move or habit you think everyone should be doing to improve their health?
Have good time management and consecrate time for everything you want to do. Learn good relaxation techniques to get rid of the stress and noise in your life. Have a balanced diet, stay away from tobacco, coffee, junk food, junk food and more junk food. Have periodic medical screenings. Exercise regularly, and hire a qualified and specialised personal trainer to guide you and set goals, especially at the beginning.

Try it out: They offer Fitness on Request, a series of classes available on demand anytime, with a range from aerobics and cardio to abs, core and kick boxing, as well as personal training. Plus, membership in Doha gets you into any of their 2200 clubs around the world. Membership is QR2800 for six months or QR4900 for one year.
Open 24 hours daily. Al Wakrah Main Road, with a new club opening soon in Al Sadd (4411 1999).

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