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Sessions with life coach (sorry, she really doesn’t like that term) Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy are usually the preserve of corporate suits looking to improve performance or employee relations.

But recently, the former St Christopher’s School teacher launched two new workshops, entitled Brand New You, this time in Bahrain. They were aimed at putting her skills to work with the general public and particularly women.

She says: ‘So often we either sabotage ourselves or allow others to unconsciously do it for us – whether it’s by telling yourself ‘I’m too fat/unfit to do that’, ‘I’ll do such and such when this or that happens’ or someone else telling you ‘you haven’t got the time, you can’t afford it’. What my workshops are about are identifying goals, looking at what’s stopping you achieving them and then coming up with ways to work towards them.’

So far, so much common sense. But how does Clare actually go about getting participants to a. express or even recognise their goals and b. go about achieving them? And, just as importantly, how does she know it’s working?

She explains: ‘Most people have an idea of what they want, how they would like their lives to be different, but if not, that’s not a problem. We work in a group so there’s learning from each other.

‘I ask participants to look at how they see their lives in the long term, perhaps a year or even five years down the line, that introduces aspects of what they want to achieve.

We also do things such as writing a bucket list but with a difference, so I will ask them to say three things that are on their list but to make one of them a lie then look at how we recognise the one that’s not a true ambition – it can be just as illuminating as the real ones!’

She also asks participants to say how they see each other – gently – giving a good insight into what needs to change for each person to achieve those long-term goals.

From there it’s a short step – via a little meditation and dreaming – to look at the obstacles in the path.

Clare terms this ‘unpacking’ – working out what’s stopping you and getting round it.

‘Are you sabotaging yourself with a negative attitude or are there genuine obstacles? Either way, once you recognise the problems you can start working on them,’ she says.

‘It’s a bit like if you get in the car, turn the engine on and put your foot on the accelerator, you know you’re going somewhere, even if you don’t know your final destination. If you sit in the house looking at maps and don’t even turn on the engine, one thing’s for sure, you’re not going anywhere at all.’

Using a combination of interactive games, ideas on personal branding – taking the concept that’s used in industry onto a personal level – NLP and psychology coupled with creating metaphors such as ‘who do you want to be?’ Clare gets participants to set their own goals and gives them the mental tools to achieve them.

Using a ‘buddy’ system – putting members of the groups together – she aims for long-term accountability with follow-up contacts and meets planned so they can discuss their achievements and inspire each other.

She says: ‘People should walk out feeling that they have done lots of processing and inquiry, have had some fun and are ready to kick start the changes they want to make in their lives. They should also know themselves a bit better and be ready for the challenge because one of the things they’ll learn is that there’s no magic wand, it’s down to work from the individual.”

She has a number of similar courses and workshops planned for the future as well as d projects with students, such as careers advice seminars. She holds sessions all over the GCC.
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