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Get fit in Doha 2017

Gyms, classes, workouts and healthy restaurants in Doha

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Environmental exfoliation tips

Some shop-bought scrubs are good for your skin but bad for the sea

Laughter yoga in Doha

How laughter yoga can keep the seasonal blues at bay

How to cope with anxiety attacks

What causes anxiety attacks, and what you need to do about them

Himalayan sound therapy in Doha

Calming vibrations of Himalayan singing bowls at St. Regis Doha

Why you should stand more

Shitika Anand finds out why we need to spend less time sitting

Moisturising spa treatments in Doha

Give your skin a little TLC with one of these moisturising treatments

How to avoid jet lag

Your ultimate jet lag survival guide so you never need to suffer again

5 to try: Exercises at work

Leg raises, squats, stair walks and more ways to stay fit

Looking to play some sport?See Sport and outdoor



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