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Katara Art Center West Bay
Jebel Jassassiyeh

Located 60km north of Doha; here you can see rock carving that are thousands of years old

International Centre for Music Others
Institut Francais Qatar Onaiza
Institut Francais West Bay Lagoon
Inspiration Station Wabb
IAID Mansoora
Fire Station: Artist in Residence Doha
Doha Singers Others
Doha Players Others
Doha Jazz Others
Doha Film Institute Others
Doha Exhibition Centre West Bay
Doha Desert Others
Doha Community Orchestra and Doha Community Wind Band Others
Cass Art Qatar Doha
Caramel Muraikh
British Council Sadd
Black Box Theatre Education City
Berlitz Language Centre Others
Barzan Tower

Originally built as a watchtower some time in the 19th century

Umm Slal
Bach Choir Doha Others
Aspire Zone Muraikh
Art classes for adults Others
Aparna Shere

Offers weekly classes for adults and children with a range of materials



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