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In recognition of the political situation in Qatar, Qatari artists Ghada Al-Khater and Mubarak Al-Thani have displayed some of their unique, interesting and satirical artwork that takes you through a journey of the most pivotal and memorable events that have taken place, as experienced through their eyes. Several key events reshaped the future of Qatar and redefined its cultural identity which the artists have brilliantly represented on their canvases at W Doha’s space dedicated to such exhibitions, Art 29.

The exhibition entitled Remember When… is open for public viewing on the 29th floor of the hotel.

Al-Thani and Al-Khater have distinctly different styles, but both are similar in their display of the artists’ passion towards their country. Al-Thani, renowned for his cubic men, has an unapologetic and avant-garde approach to his artwork. Al-Thani’s work usually depicts people in colourful cubic forms similar to the shape of Doha’s skyscrapers, representing the diversity of Qatar and its people and its fast-paced development. Here, at Remember When, Al-Thani has beautifully reframed literal expressionism in his artworks that are displayed everywhere.

A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar with a BFA in Graphic Design, Al-Khater is a Qatari political artist who tackles subjects of freedom of speech, fake news and injustice. She interestingly showcases her art through humourous cartoons and inspired illustrations. Her approach is satirical yet daring and she uses simple and minimal visual language to convey what’s deemed as sensitive and complicated subject matter. It’s impossible not to admire her creativity.

The exhibition is a game-changer and it’s one of the best we’ve seen in a while. You’ll have to see it for yourself.
Free. Open to public. Until September 4. Open daily 9am-7pm. 29th floor, Art 29, W Doha Hotel & Residences, West Bay (4453 5000).

By Shereen D’Souza
Time Out Doha,

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