Mixed reaction to new art in Doha

New shows from the Qatar Museums Authority met with scepticism Discuss this article

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The Qatar Museums Authority have been busy launching numerous public art displays and museum exhibitions recently to mixed reactions. Adel Abdesemmed, a French-Algerian artist currently showcasing his works in a solo exhibition at Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, has come under scrutiny by Doha residents because of his ‘Coup de tête’ statue which has been installed on the corniche depicting a footballer head butting another, as well as a film installation that shows chickens screaming while burning (although Mathaf has since insisted on Facebook it is simply an ‘artistic constructed image’), Doha News reports.

Relics, the biggest ever retrospective of notable British artist Damien Hirst’s works, has also been negatively received by people who see some of his more controversial works, like a severed cows head with maggots and flies feeding off it known as A Thousand Years, as too extreme. On the other hand, many other residents praise the move into bringing more interesting contemporary exhibitions to Doha and one Time Out reader, @Jansait, tweeted us to say the Damien Hirst exhibit is ‘interesting. I loved it!’

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