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What is the exhibit?
The exhibition Olympics through Media, set up during the time of the Olympics in London 2012 at QMA gallery in Katara, showcases the history of the modern Olympic Games and in parallel the development of media.

How has media been involved in the Olympics?

The modern Olympic Games and motion pictures both emerged in 1896. Groundbreaking cinematographic techniques were used during the 1936 Olympics in Berlin to capture the athletes from a range of different [perspectives]. The 1948 Olympics in London were the first Games to be covered by a public TV service.

What can people expect to see?
The exhibition is an entertaining walk through over 100 years of Olympic and cinematographic history with antique cameras, TVs, but also sports memorabilia like medals, torches or print material. The artifacts are combined with a series of film documents, telling the story of Olympics through Media.

Why do it and why in Qatar?
The exhibition welcomes all sports enthusiasts interested in the Olympics. It is part of Qatar’s ongoing process to promote sports and also sports heritage and history as an educational tool. This is why Qatar Olympic & Sports Museum together with QMA’s Media Collections brought together the topic Olympics through Media with more than 200 artifacts from QMA collections.

Who is the target viewer?
The exhibition offers attractions to all kind of visitors. The educational activities will feature a children’s lounge and video games competition, as well as a summer holiday program named “Lights & Shadows” where educators will develop activities with children around the exhibition’s theme. An extensive educational program will complement this exhibition aiming to engage all visitors from different age groups. The exhibition itself is entertaining and educating and also offers live broadcasts from the London Olympics.

Will people ‘get it’?
An exhibition can only offer opportunities to enrich knowledge, to get educated or even animated to learn more or simply entertain. Each visitor will have his or her own experience.

What sort of impressions do you think people will come away with?
Sports means much more than running, jumping or swimming. Sports is an important part of the social life and should surround us in our day by day activities.

What’s your favourite part of exhibit?
Unlike an art exhibition, where masterpieces define central attractions, a cultural history exhibition like Olympics through Media stimulates with artifacts, films, the scenario of the exhibition and its story line, all set up and produced here in Qatar.

Olympics Through Media runs from July 4-Sept 9 at QMA Gallery, Building 10, Katara Cultural Village. Open before and after Ramadan Sat-Thurs 9am-noon, 5pm-10pm, Fri 7pm-midnight, and during Ramadan Sat-Thurs 9am-noon, 7pm-midnight, Fri 7pm-midnight. Admission is free. www.qma.org.qa

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