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Here as some more useful facts and pieces of information to help you to drive in Doha.

Did you know that, contrary to all the noise you’ll hear when driving, it is actually prohibited to use your horn in Qatar? So you shouldn’t use it to show your anger or frustration at another driver, or when you want to say hello to a friend.

When should you honk?
• When alerting pedestrians, if they are crossing in an unsafe area.

• To avoid traffic collisions by warning other motorists in dangerous situations such as sudden braking.

Traffic violations
Different violations will carry a different number of points, between one and seven, designed to discourage bad driving and keep us safe. For a complete list of traffic violations and fines, visit To check if you have a violation, visit

METRASH is a free service provided by the Ministry of Interior that helps keep you organised through sending alerts about your driving licence expiry date, car registration expiry and any traffic violations you may have committed.

METRASH 2 is a service for smartphones that enables you to take pictures of traffic violators and send the images immediately to the ministry.

Minor accidents
If you are in a small accident, move the cars to a safe place. Get the information of the driver of the other vehicle(s), including Qatari ID, car registration, mobile number and insurance details and go to a traffic department police station.

Major accidents
For larger scale accidents, don’t move the vehicles and immediately call 999. If well enough, you will be required to report to the traffic investigation department. The patrol officer will tell you which one to go to.

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