1. 30 best dishes in Doha

    One whole year of eating out to bring you Doha's finest

  2. Christmas in Doha

    Brunches, movies and more ways to get into the festive spirit...

  3. Best alternative gift ideas

    Forget socks and soaps, here are some top Doha experiences to...

  4. Things to do in Doha in December

    Conkarah live in Doha, Family fun at Festival City and more...

Editor's picks

  • Succulent sliced steak
    Succulent sliced steak

    Shereen D’Souza is all for some Josper-cooked meat on a winter night

  • Nobody does it better
    Nobody does it better

    Fancy feeling like James Bond this season? Well then, head on over to Switzerland, whose ice-cool glamour and sophistication makes for a killer holiday combo

  • A Stitch in time…
    A Stitch in time…

    …saves all those with a passion for DIY fashion in Doha

  • Budget festive décor
    Budget festive décor

    Bargain stores to help you decorate your home for the holidays

  • Feel the Force
    Feel the Force

    After what feels like an eternal wait, The Last Jedi, Disney’s follow-up (story-wise) to The Force Awakens – J.J. Abrams’ brilliant reboot of a space saga long thought over – is very nearly here

  • Choreographed chaos
    Choreographed chaos

    Shereen D’Souza takes a look at City Limits, an exhibition from two rising Baghdad artists which creatively depicts life in Iraq

  • Desert warrior
    Desert warrior

    Shereen D’Souza meets Hichame Moubarak, a Qatar-based ultra-endurance athlete who plans to trek across four of the world’s most inhospitable deserts for a worthy cause

  • The final countdown
    The final countdown

    It’s the last night of 2017 and we’ve rounded up the best spots to end your year in style

  • Santa Monica Breakfast Club review
    Santa Monica Breakfast Club review

    Don’t get too excited, but these might be the best egg dishes we’ve tried in Doha



  • Al Nahham

    An off-the-beaten-path spot that really surprises us with its food

  • The Pier

    A contemporary, chic, seaside spot that is a delight for all the senses

  • Arabesque

    Interesting décor with average Middle Eastern fare



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