1. Get a free room with The Social Brunch

    Book your table now at Crowne Plaza Doha – The Business Park...

  2. Best beaches for a barbecue

    Shereen D’Souza loves a good grill and she’s sharing 15...

  3. Meeting the master

    Shereen D’Souza talks black cod, Robert DeNiro and home...

  4. Camping with kids

    Get the kids off their mobiles and into Doha’s great outdoors

Editor's picks

  • Models of memories
    Models of memories

    Maram Allaghi explores a series of paintings and steel sculptures

  • Femmes on foot
    Femmes on foot

    Time Out goes behind the scenes of Doha’s first-ever all-female run across the country

  • Road trip rockers
    Road trip rockers

    These top ten road trip songs will make your next excursion a memorable one, whether you’re driving for few hours or a few days



  • Sizzle

    An American-Italian diner with lots of fusion dishes

  • Smat

    A restaurant with lots of Qatari and Khaleeji-fusion dishes

  • Le Paradis DeLord

    A quiet new restaurant with hit-and-miss food




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